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Mir Hosseini Hospital, with the cooperation of several experienced doctors and the country’s top surgeons, is proud to be at your service with the best comfort facilities and up-to-date medical equipment in the world.

Health Reconstruction

Mir Hosseini Hospital is a specialized center for providing various medical services, which works with specialized and experienced physicians in the field of problem solving and health reconstruction under the license of the Ministry of Health.

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When people go to the hospital for services, they will not have any complications because they have the best doctors and the patient’s health is their priority.

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Mir Hosseini Hospital, Shiraz

Mir Hosseini Hospital was established in 1981 by Dr. Mashaollah Mir Hosseini and his wife Dr. Shahin Movahed with 70 hospital beds on Hijrat Street. Initially, the emergency department and the office were established, and during 3 years, the maternity ward was established. During the construction period, the hospital officials also developed and equipped the physical equipment, and the ICU and paraclinic wards were set up. At present, the hospital is one of the best hospitals in Shiraz, taking advantage of the existing potentials, and relying on its brilliant history and good name, it has the honor of serving its dear fellow human beings. At present, the hospital has been purchased by the following esteemed board of directors and is ready to serve our dear compatriots and fellow citizens.

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Mir Hosseini Hospital

This hospital is one of the best and most equipped medical centers in Shiraz. In this center, all kinds of diagnostic-treatment services with the highest level of quality are offered to our dear compatriots; To be at your service with the most equipped equipment in the world and the best comfort and welfare facilities.

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Charter of Patients’ Rights

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Mir Hosseini Hospital, with all the mentioned insurances, is a party to the contract for public hospitalization.

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