Maternal care, after normal delivery

After giving birth, the mother may feel weak and lethargic, but with adequate and complete nutrition, proper exercise and relaxation, she can return to her pre-pregnancy state and fulfill the duty of nursing and feeding her baby. After giving birth, the mother usually feels swelling and sores in her hips and buttocks, and also feels […]

Methods of childbirth without pain

Methods of childbirth without painPainless childbirth methods for the study of pregnant mothersChildbirth pain is the most important reason for cesarean section, which can be reduced by setting up painless childbirth section in hospitals and maternity hospitals. Nowadays, in most centers of the world, pain control methods are used for natural childbirth. In general, caesarean […]

Breast congestion and its infection

Breast congestion and its infection:13-15% of women have fever caused by breast congestion after giving birth. Congestion occurs 2-3 days after delivery and the resulting fever does not last more than 14-16 days. This condition is caused by 2-sided breast congestion, tenderness and warmth (without redness).Treatment: In a person who wants to breastfeed, breastfeeding and […]

Abnormal uterine bleeding

Abnormal uterine bleedingWhen female bleeding becomes abnormalWhat is meant by abnormal uterine bleeding?Uterine bleeding is considered abnormal in the following conditions:Bleeding between periodsBleeding after intercourseSpotting at any time of the menstrual cycle Bleeding more intense or longer than usualBleeding after menopauseCycles longer than 35 days and shorter than 21 days are abnormal. Stopping periods for […]

Sports movements after childbirth

Sports movements after childbirthIn order to strengthen and return the strength of the abdominal muscles and other parts of the body as quickly as possible, exercise is recommended after childbirth.Some doctors prefer 1-2 days after giving birth and others prefer one week to 10 days later. The best time depends on the condition and mood […]

uterine prolapse

uterine prolapseWhat does uterine prolapse mean? When the ligament that holds the uterus weakens, the uterus and cervix descend. It means that it enters the vagina to different degrees and even in its severe and rare type, the uterus protrudes from the vaginal opening. What is the cause of uterine prolapse? This disease is more […]

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