Dr. Mohammad Ghanbari

Dr. Mohammad GhanbariOphthalmologist Medical system number: 25721 Shiraz Karim Khan Zand St. – Opposite to Shahid Faghihi Hospital – Fars Doctors Building – First Floor

Dr. Marjan Tayari

Dr. Marjan TayariOphthalmologistMedical system code: 478671Office address: Fars building, Shiraz city, Karim Khan Zand street, next to alley 43, next to Tejarat bank, Fars building, fourth floorDr. Marjan Tayari’s office phone 07132331557

Dr. Alireza Astaneh

Dr. Alireza AstanehOphthalmologistCorneal and extraocular fellowship and corneal transplantationMedical system code30716 Address: Shiraz, Zand Boulevard, in front of Saadi Hospital, next to Dr. Firoozi Pharmacy, Hanieh Building, 4th floor Phone: 07132361748

Dr. Reza Rahimi

Dr. Reza RahimiOphthalmologistShiraz Medical system code: 99739Shiraz Opposite the events of Shahid Faghihi Hospital, next to Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, Shahr Medical Center, 6th floor

Dr. Mohammad Zamani

Dr. Mohammad ZamaniOphthalmologistRefractive surgery (femto lysine, PRK, SMILE), presbyopia treatment with femtolysis device Medical system code 92331 Office address: West GPA, Raz Medical Complex, 4th Floor, Unit 13Office phone number 07132369419-20

Dr. Munir Shad Del

Dr. Munir Shad Deloptometrist Medical system number: 23348Shiraz Ordibehesht St. – between 20 meters and Baghshah – Mehr Clinic – sixth floor

Dr. Gholam Ali Marzban

Dr. Gholam Ali MarzbanOphthalmologist, Corneal and Anterior Segment FellowshipMedical system number: 20980 Shiraz. Imam Khomeini Boulevard – Bagh-e Takht Crossroads – next to Sarina Florist

Dr. Mehdi Zadmehr

Dr. Mehdi ZadmehrHas a specialized boardSurgeon and ophthalmologistMedical system code 127875 Office address of Zand Street – not reached the beginning of twenty meters – next to Saman Bank – Arad BuildingOffice phone number 32316940

Dr. Khalil Hosseinpour Fardi

Dr. Khalil Hosseinpour Fardioptometrist Physician system number: 28136Shiraz – Office: Ramezani St. – Hemmat North St. – K4 – Haft Toot Alley

Welcome to Dr. Ali

Welcome to Dr. Ali Specialist: Ophthalmology Fellowship: Retina (vitreous and retinal) Specialty: Eye diseases and vitreous and retinal surgeries, cataracts, LASIK, strabismus Medical system number: 59729–