What is a disc?

The spine is made up of a number of vertebrae, including 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 5 lumbar vertebrae, and the sacrum. Most of the weight of the body and its pressure is on the lumbar vertebrae. The disc is located in the space between two vertebrae. And it is in the form of […]


Definition: A stroke is defined as interruption of oxygen supply to brain cells, resulting in ischemia and anemia in a region of the brain and the resulting defects. Types of stroke Ischemic strokes: A cerebrovascular accident or what is known as a brain attack is a sudden stop of brain function due to the interruption […]

Dr. Amin Rastgoo

Dr. Amin RastgooDr. Amin RastgooNeurosurgeonMedical system number: 134458

Dr. Mojtaba Rezaei

Dr. Mojtaba RezaeiBrain and spine surgeon Specialist system number: 98594ShirazZand St., in front of Saadi Hospital, at the beginning of Shahid Faghihi St. (Soortgar), Kimia Medical Complex, 3rd floor, Unit 3

دکتر مجتبی رضایی

دکتر مجتبی رضایی    متخصص جراحی مغز و ستون فقرات متخصص شماره نظام : ۹۸۵۹۴ شیراز خیابان زند، روبروی بیمارستان سعدی، ابتدای خیابان شهید فقیهی( صورتگر)، مجتمع پزشکی کیمیا، طبقه 3، واحد 3

Dr. Mohammad Reza Sharifi Rad

Dr. Mohammad Reza Sharifi RadSpecialty in NeurosurgeryDisc and Spine Surgery FellowshipAddress: Shiraz, Zand St., between 20 meters and Baghshah, behind Bank Shahr kiosk, Shayan building, third floor Phone: 07132319289

Dr. Nima Derakhshan

Dr. Nima DerakhshanSpecialist in neurosurgery, disc and spine in Shiraz System number: 135931 07132301669 Shiraz West GPA Street – Next to Taba Imaging Center – Nahal Building – 4th Floor, Unit 16

Dr. Navid Farzin

Dr. Navid FarzinDr. Navid FarzinNeurosurgeonMedical system code 100359 Office address: Zand Boulevard, corner of 20 meters (Haft Tir), Shiraz Medical Complex, 4th floor, Unit 404

Dr. Fardin Ranjbar

Dr. Fardin RanjbarDr. Fardin RanjbarHas a specialized boardSpecialist and neurosurgeonSurgery Fellowship for Neurological TumorsMedical system code 97301 Address: Shiraz, Zand, in front of Saadi Hospital, corner of Sooratgar Street, Kimia Building, 2nd Floor, Unit 6 Phone: 07132339495

Dr. Mehran Sedaghat

Dr. Mehran SedaghatSpecialist and neurosurgeon, disc and spine ExpertSystem number: 116965 ShirazZand Boulevard – after Faghihi Hospital – Parsian Doctors Building – 2nd floor