Care after surgery

Dear patient, pay attention to the following points to reduce post-operative problems: Due to the presence of secretions and anesthetic gases, we recommend you to take deep breaths along with coughing. To cough better and prevent pain in the operated area, it is better to cover the wound with your hand or a small pillow. […]

What is a disc?

The spine is made up of a number of vertebrae, including 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 5 lumbar vertebrae, and the sacrum. Most of the weight of the body and its pressure is on the lumbar vertebrae. The disc is located in the space between two vertebrae. And it is in the form of […]

ACS (acute coronary syndrome)

Any condition that leads to a sudden decrease in blood flow to the heart is called acute coronary syndrome. Symptoms can range from chest tightness that occurs during a heart attack to chest tightness at rest or during light activity (unstable angina). The first symptom of acute coronary syndrome can even be sudden cardiac arrest.If […]


Definition: A stroke is defined as interruption of oxygen supply to brain cells, resulting in ischemia and anemia in a region of the brain and the resulting defects. Types of stroke Ischemic strokes: A cerebrovascular accident or what is known as a brain attack is a sudden stop of brain function due to the interruption […]

Hospital infections

Nosocomial infection is defined as an infection that people admitted to the hospital get during the time they stay in the hospital, and the manifestations of the disease may appear during the hospitalization or after the patient is discharged. Usually, infections that appear after 48 to 72 hours are considered as hospital infections, and if […]


Heart attack terms: The scientific term is myocardial infarction. Myocardium means the heart muscle and infarction means a damaged area due to blood not reaching the heart muscle. Description of the disease: Heart attack is the death of heart muscle cells due to the reduction or stoppage of blood flow in the arteries of the […]

Taking care of babies

The time of routine baby careFirst care: 3-5 days after birthSecond care: 14-15 days after deliveryThird care: 30-45 days after deliveryAlways wash your hands before touching the baby.Taking care of the umbilical cord, wash your hands before and after touching the umbilical cord. It is not a problem to take a bath while the umbilical […]

Jaundice in babies

Jaundice is one of the diseases that sometimes seriously causes problems for babies and their parents. In general, more than 70% of babies suffer from this disease in the first days of birth, which indicates that it is common in babies, and this statistic reaches about 80% in babies who were born prematurely.Jaundice in children […]

Maternal care, after normal delivery

After giving birth, the mother may feel weak and lethargic, but with adequate and complete nutrition, proper exercise and relaxation, she can return to her pre-pregnancy state and fulfill the duty of nursing and feeding her baby. After giving birth, the mother usually feels swelling and sores in her hips and buttocks, and also feels […]

Methods of childbirth without pain

Methods of childbirth without painPainless childbirth methods for the study of pregnant mothersChildbirth pain is the most important reason for cesarean section, which can be reduced by setting up painless childbirth section in hospitals and maternity hospitals. Nowadays, in most centers of the world, pain control methods are used for natural childbirth. In general, caesarean […]