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Exercise and health promotion

Physical activity prevents the occurrence of blood pressure diseases, types of cancers, diabetes and obesity and leads to physical and mental health and gives a person a sense of freshness and self-confidence, therefore, lack of facilities and lack of time should not be used as an excuse for Let’s mention the lack of physical activity, […]

Antibiotic resistance

Introduction Antibiotics are strong drugs that destroy microbes and prevent their reproduction. Drug resistance is an issue that has existed in the past. Microbes constantly change to destroy antibiotics. In microbial resistance, during which a microorganism can survive despite the presence of antibiotics in the environment and does not get destroyed and becomes resistant. The […]

Care after surgery

Dear patient, pay attention to the following points to reduce post-operative problems: Due to the presence of secretions and anesthetic gases, we recommend you to take deep breaths along with coughing. To cough better and prevent pain in the operated area, it is better to cover the wound with your hand or a small pillow. […]

Care after abdominoplasty

1- It is mandatory to have a companion after being transferred to the ward and for 2 to 3 days after that. 2- Start the diet with liquids and continue the low-salt and low-fat diet if tolerated. (A low-salt and low-fat diet should be observed for up to 6 months.) 3- Avoiding constipation by consuming […]

What is a disc?

The spine is made up of a number of vertebrae, including 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 5 lumbar vertebrae, and the sacrum. Most of the weight of the body and its pressure is on the lumbar vertebrae. The disc is located in the space between two vertebrae. And it is in the form of […]

Corona virus

Corona virus are from a big family that not only cause colds, but also cause serious respiratory diseases. Novel Vorona Virus n cov-2019 is a family of corona viruses. Terms of transfer Depending on the type of coronavirus, its transmission methods are different. However, the possibility of transmission of the disease in the open space […]

blood pressure

What is blood pressure? Blood pressure is the pressure of blood circulation in the walls of blood vessels. Blood pressure usually refers to the pressure in the large arteries in the systemic circulation and is usually measured in terms of the systolic pressure (maximum during one heartbeat) over the diastolic pressure (minimum between two heartbeats). […]

A common pregnancy complaint

Nausea with or without vomiting:This state, especially in the morning, is one of the first signs of pregnancy and the common complications of this period, which often improves by itself at the end of the third month. To deal with this discomfort, eating a piece of toasted bread or a biscuit before getting out of […]

ACS (acute coronary syndrome)

Any condition that leads to a sudden decrease in blood flow to the heart is called acute coronary syndrome. Symptoms can range from chest tightness that occurs during a heart attack to chest tightness at rest or during light activity (unstable angina). The first symptom of acute coronary syndrome can even be sudden cardiac arrest.If […]


Definition: Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that can be used to shorten or lengthen the length of the nose, change its shape, make holes smaller, or raise the tip of the nose. What are the limitations of this type of surgery? The purpose of rhinoplasty surgery is to make your nose look flawless and beautiful […]