Exercise and health promotion

Physical activity prevents the occurrence of blood pressure diseases, types of cancers, diabetes and obesity and leads to physical and mental health and gives a person a sense of freshness and self-confidence, therefore, lack of facilities and lack of time should not be used as an excuse for Let’s mention the lack of physical activity, and according to his conditions, every person can have an average of half an hour of physical activity every day and can even divide this time into two 15-minute periods. The cause of about 50-60% of diseases is inactivity and lack of proper physical activity, and more than 70% of people are inactive, and this inactivity is more in women than in men.

Sports and health promotion of the Ministry of Health

Physical activity has different definitions and we have three types of physical activity:

Mild, moderate, severe or strong.

In fact, physical activity is vigorous or intense, and we do not expect all people to exercise or necessarily choose a sport. What is intended is that every person can have 30 minutes of regular and purposeful moderate physical activity every day, and this physical activity should be such that the person feels his heart beat faster and start sweating. .

The purpose of physical activity is to burn calories and strengthen the body’s muscles, and our main problem is that people don’t know much about their body’s physiology – people need to know how the body’s metabolism works and how many calories the body needs per day. – Many muscle problems and joint pains in women are due to inactivity, and obesity is another problem that is more common in women and is directly related to inactivity.

Mobility and daily activity:

Many people believe that movement and daily activity are not particularly different from exercise and that it is just to be a little active. Sports for everyone is playing games or physical exercises for everyone with the purpose of freshness, vitality and well-being. When a person does an activity with the purpose of being cheerful and energetic, it is considered exercise. Anyone can participate in sports at any time, anywhere, in any situation and with minimal facilities. If this action is done with the purpose of cheerfulness and vitality.

Factors affecting human health: Dr. Hossein Malek Afzali, a professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, mentions physical activity as one of the factors affecting human health in the prevention of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, types of cancers, joint pains, etc. . And he says: Every person according to age should have at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity so that his heart beats faster than normal.

In addition, it is recommended for people under 18 years of age to have one hour of physical activity a day, and for adults to have 30 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity 5 days a week – education should provide the necessary training in addition to providing sports facilities. Provide for people – changes should be made to the route of streets and roads so that people can commute by bicycle. Exercising is a science, and in order to gain this science, all members of society should include exercise in their daily schedule.

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