The notion that breast milk is insufficient

Familiarity with the causes of insufficient breast milk1) The notion of inadequacy2) Inadequacy reallyThe first category: mental (the idea of ​​inadequacy)Causes of this mentality: Frequent waking up at night, sucking hands, dilute appearance of breast milk, rapid breastfeeding, increased feeding frequency, reduced sucking time, reduced milk leakage, shrinkage and softening of the breasts, non-angina of […]


Definition: A stroke, a cerebrovascular accident, or what is now called a stroke, is a sudden decrease in brain function due to impaired blood flow to a part of the brain.Types of strokes: Strokes are divided into two main groups: 1- Non-bleeding (85%) 2- Bleeding (15%)Cause of stroke: Stroke without bleeding due to: 1- Blood […]


prostate It is an organ of the male genitalia about the size of a small walnut located at the beginning of the urethra in the pelvis. This gland contracts during ejaculation, adds an alkaline milky substance to the semen, and this is why the gelatinous state of the semen occurs. This gland remains relatively small […]