The food pyramid

The food pyramid is one of the main foundations of nutritional planning for the community, which is used to prioritize the types of food groups to be consumed. In fact, by using this pyramid, the amount of consumption of each food item and the ratio of their consumption have been determined.

The purpose of preparing the pyramid is to guide people to get sufficient and safe food and nutrients they need. So far, several types of pyramids have been designed for different groups, such as food pyramids for the elderly, children, and vegetarians.

The food pyramid has 6 parts that are unequally divided. The unevenness of the parts means that the amount of consumption of substances that have a larger part should be more than the smaller parts.

  1. Bread and cereals group: including types of bread – rice – pasta – wheat and barley
  2. Vegetables group: including all kinds of raw and cooked vegetables and vegetable juice
  3. Fruits group: including all kinds of raw and cooked fruits and fruit juices
  4. Dairy group: including milk-yogurt-curd-cheese and buttermilk
  5. Protein group: including red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, legumes
  6. The group of fats and sugars includes all types of simple fats and sugars, such as salad dressing, butter, mayonnaise, chocolate, jam, and jelly. It should be noted that in the daily meal plan, you should observe the two principles of balance and diversity in all groups. For example, consume different fruits daily within the described amount.

The points that should be observed in the use of food groups in the daily plan are as follows:

Increase the intake of daily dietary fiber by consuming more fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grain breads. Increase the consumption of milk, yogurt, and low-fat cheese in your daily diet. Avoid possible. If you need to use oil, try using liquid oil or olive oil. Avoid frying food as much as possible. Try to use white meats such as fish and chicken and limit the consumption of processed meats such as sausages and sausages. If you consume red meat, be sure to remove visible fats. Limit the consumption of simple sugars such as sugar, sugar, candy, chocolate, soft drinks, and industrial fruit juices. Avoid excessive salt consumption and even If possible, do not use a salt shaker. It is recommended to consume 8 glasses of water and liquids throughout the day.

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