What is Kalgzan?

What is Klagzan?

Cloxane is a type of anticoagulant drug that is used to reduce the risk of blood clots. Calxan should be injected under the skin for as long as the doctor orders. Calxan should be injected every day at a certain time. This medicine does not thin the blood but reduces the coagulability.

How to inject Colxan:

1- Wash your hands with soap and water and then dry them. Be in a comfortable position so that you can easily see the injection site.

2- You can sit on the bed half-sitting and put a pillow behind you or sit on a chair. Choose an area on the right or left side of your stomach that is at least 5 cm away from the navel and towards the sides.

3 – The injection site can be in the front or on the sides of the thigh. Clean the injection site with sterile alcohol cotton and allow it to dry. in such a way that you pull it straight and firmly and take it out.

4- Hold the syringe like a pen with the hand you write with. With the other hand, gently pinch the cleaned skin of your abdomen between your thumb and forefinger to create a fold in the skin. Insert the entire length of the needle vertically (90 degrees) into the created skin fold. .

5- Press the piston down with your thumb to empty the syringe. Take the needle out directly and release the skin fold. Hold the needle down and away from yourself and others.

6- Throw the used syringe in a safe container.

Dos and don’ts in the injection of Calxan:

After cleaning the injection site with alcohol, you should let it dry, the presence of moisture will increase the burning sensation.
You should hold the skin fold of the abdomen gently until the end of the injection. By holding the skin between your fingers during the injection, the drug enters only the fatty tissue of the abdomen and does not reach the muscle.
You should change the injection site every time you inject.
You must put the syringe in a safe container after injection.
The method of injection should be taught to the patient or a relative.
Must be informed if pregnant.
You should take the medicine as prescribed by your doctor.
You should take Colxan medicine every day at a certain time and according to your prescription.
You should inform your doctor if you are using other medicines and dietary or herbal supplements. Some drugs affect the way Colxan works and may cause serious problems. Also, if you intend to start another medicine, stop it or change it, inform your doctor.
Injections should not be made near the surgical site.
After removing the needle cap, you should not hold it down or let it come into contact with anything. Observing this issue helps to keep the syringe sterile.
Do not twist the needle cap to remove it, as this may cause the needle to bend.
You should not inject Calxan into wounds, bruises or on clothes.
Do not inject in places where the skin is hardened or bruised and painful.
Do not massage the injection site after injection, otherwise it will cause bruising.
You should not freeze the courgette.
Keep it at room temperature.
Do not use razors or cutting tools when using this medicine.
You should not make Colexan accessible to anyone other than the person for whom this medicine has been prescribed.
Avoid drinking alcohol. In case of taking warfarin at the same time, the test should be checked every few days. What should be done if there is an air bubble inside the Colgzan syringe? There is a small air bubble inside all Kalgezan syringes. Never remove this bubble. If the air bubbles are removed, some of the useful medicine will be lost. Keep in mind that there may be slight pain or bruising at the injection site; however, redness, pain, warmth, swelling, skin discoloration, discharge at the injection site, or fever may be signs of a skin reaction or infection. If there are symptoms, inform the doctor. If you see any of the following side effects, see your doctor.
Bleeding from the surgical site: any type of bleeding from the injection site, nosebleeds, presence of blood in the urine (which turns the urine pink or dark brown in color). There is no impact or other obvious cause. Blood in the urine, feces that are black in color, shortness of breath, chest pain, heart palpitations, feeling weak in case of falling or hitting the head, pregnancy or decision to become pregnant. And inform your doctor about any abnormal symptoms or conditions.
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